An Individual AHA CPR class is available

Individual Classes Are Available $100.00

We know people have busy lives and schedules.  If you are in need of an American Heart Association BLS or Heartsaver class in a hurry (Like "my CPR card expired yesterday and I need it for work"), or you just can't make it to a scheduled class...

No need to worry, just call or email us and we will do everything we can to provide a AHA CPR class just for you.

Often we can do a same day or next day CPR classes if you need it.

You will take the same AHA CPR class as any of the scheduled AHA CPR classes, but you will be the only student.

Some students are just more comfortable to take a class on a one to one basis.  All of our CPR classes can be taken in a group or as an individual student.

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Call us with your questions at 951 544-9190 or email us at